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    APPRO was established in 1999 and dedicated itself to be a professional design house for image products to help customers to develop products using TI digital signal process as its core system. APPRO is an authorized Value Added Resale (VAR) of Texas Instrumentís , a reliable partner with practical and skillful experiences on TI DSP expertise, to provide TI system on Chip in DM series of DSP to help customers to development in multi-media products in DSC, mobile phone and digital media products. APPRO provides all customers the most competitive price to have excellent market share. Besides, APPRO also cooperates with SONY Taiwan providing high resolution of CCD/CMOS technical supports in Mobile phone and Camera modules as a total photoelectron- integrated solution.

    Designed in:

  • From June. of 2006 , Develop DM350 platform Development for DSC application with TI Dallas.  
  • From May. of 2006 , Develop DM6446/6441 platform Development for Multi-media application
  • From Feb. of 2005 , Develop DM275 platform Development for mobile phone application
  • From Mar. of 2004 , Develop TI DM320 platform.
  • From Nov. of 2003 , Develop Mobile CCD module use DM270 .
  • From Feb. of 2003 , Use TI DM270 chip set to develop DV, 5M DSC.
  • From Jul. of 2002 , Use TI DM310 chip set to develop DV 4MP.
  • From Oct. of 2001 , Use TI DSC25 chip set to develop 3.3MP, 3X Zoom DSC.
  • From June of 2000 , Use TI DSC21 chip set to develop 1.3MP and 2.0MP DSC.
  • 1999 , Use TI 5402 DSP and DSC11 chip set to develop XGA and SXGA DSC.
  • 1998 Co-operate with NEC and use NEC DSP (100 MIPS) to develop a XGA DSC with AF. Voice Recording and USB function.
  • 1997 , Use TI 320F 206 general purpose DSP with our own ASIC design to develop a VGA DSC.



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