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Service Models

  FAE service is provided to our customers the technical consultancy to solve customerís technical problems during the development with TI DSP DM series or SONY sensor modules within the product frame of customer's own design. In FAE business model, customers like Manufacturers or brand name owned customers even system-integrated customers who need technical supports on TI DMxxx series or SONY Sensor/ Sensor modules solutions, APPRO can feedback customerís technical doubts without the NRE charge. The prerequisite is based on the purchase of TI chipset through Appro and having signed a FAE agreement with APPRO to start the FAE support.
  If our customers want to assign some development jobs to APPRO for a complete solution on a defined function, APPRO charges the NRE fee based on the engineering efforts on each individual function. The solution and technical core will be defined in the adoption of TI DSP or SONY sensor/sensor module in which the chipset must be purchased from APPRO.
3.Turn Key
  In case our customers assign the major part of the development jobs to APPRO ( not including ID, GUI icon design, real size PCB design), for this kind of service APPRO will charge the NRE fee based on how much engineering efforts paid, and the solution in using TI DSP DM series or SONY sensor/ sensor module must be purchased from APPRO.

Service Products

  • DSC/DV
  • PMP ( Portable Media Player)
  • DPF (Digital Photo Frame)
  • Mobile phone Camera Application
  • Web-Cam
  • Digital Home


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